Contract to Close Package

Contract to Close Package

Regular price $125.00

You Send Us:

  • Complete ratified contract
  • Buyer broker agreement, if applicable
  • Lender information, if applicable
  • Title company contact info, if applicable
  • Client contact info (for platinum package only)
  • Applicable login(s)

We Do:

Silver Package

  • Contract review
  • Submit paperwork to Broker
  • Create calendar reminders for all contract contingencies and settlement

Gold Package:

  • Silver Package +
  • Update MLS status
  • Generate contingency calendar and contact info sheet
  • E-sign for missing signatures/initials
  • Email ratified contract (and all addenda) to lender (if applicable), settlement company or attorney, and other agent
  • Confirm receipt of EMD
  • Complete Title company intake form
  • Prompt Agent about deadlines
  • Assist with preparing addenda and obtaining e-signatures
  • Order pest
  • Follow-up on title company forms
  • Send settlement reminder
  • If applicable:

    • Remind Agent to cancel staging and schedule destaging (reserve elevator, etc.)
    • Remind Agent to order condo/coop/HOA docs
    • Order pest inspection (if property is vacant)
    • Order home warranty
    • Coordinate sign removal

Platinum Package

  • Gold Package +
  • Order condo docs
  • Obtain commitment letter from lender
  • Send contract to Agent's client
  • Send calendar reminders to Agent's client
  • Review settlement statement

*Services begin once Contract is ratified - for assistance with the offer, please select the service "form preparation"
*All communication will be through Agent, not the client, unless noted otherwise.